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Campaign: Banning fossil fuel adverts to help solve the climate crisis

WWF has joined an NGO campaign to stop oil, gas and coal companies from advertising in the EU.

Fossil fuel companies use glossy advertising campaigns to make it look like they care about the planet, while actually doing business as usual.

Sometimes they even point the finger at us to divert attention from their own lack of climate action. For example BP encourages people to calculate their own carbon footprint, distracting us from BP's carbon footprint as one of the world's biggest oil companies.

Fossil fuel companies also sponsor our museums and our favourite sports teams to greenwash their reputation. It’s a clever strategy, because if you see Shell’s logo at the UK's Science Museum, you would probably think it is a climate friendly company, right? But no - Shell is an oil giant which has denied climate change for decades.

That’s why NGOs have set up a petition to have the EU put a stop to fossil fuel ads and sponsorship. We’re using a very powerful tool - a European Citizens' Initiative.

If we get enough support, the European Commission is legally obliged to consider the creation of a new law to ban fossil fuel advertising and sponsorships in the EU.

We need to get 1 million signatures! So please sign the Ban Fossil Fuel ads citizens’ initiative and spread the word.

Sarah Azau
Communications and media manager
Tel: +32 473 573 137
Ban fossil fuel ads - European Citizens' Initiative


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